6 amazing Instagram feed ideas to make your profile noteworthy

6 amazing Instagram feed ideas to make your profile noteworthy

Whether you are an influencer, business profile, or just another person using Instagram for socializing, follow requests matters to each one of us, and among the various things that attract maximum requests, one is a noteworthy profile.

Perceive your Instagram profile as a portfolio for a job interview – it is not everything, but it is the first thing that is noticed by the interviewers and a lot lies in its efficacy. On that note, after understanding how important it is to have a noteworthy Instagram profile, below I have enlisted 6 easy, yet effective ways to do so:

1. Consistent aesthetics for your Instagram feed

Instagram was first introduced as a picture-only platform. So, how do you intend to attract viewers if your aesthetics isn’t appealing?

Prominent brands understand the importance of consistency and aesthetics and the balance of both on the Instagram feed, not mentioning the great results they achieve. So here’s what you have to do to catch up in the race: If you have been posting bright and colorful pictures in your feed for a while, posting a monochrome picture would be a bad option.

For aesthetics, it is always recommended to stick to a specific pattern and a limited number of filters. Even while editing, it’s best to add the same amount of brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. to all the pictures. Infact, my recommendation is to use a paid Instagram editing tool but if not, free tools like Canva might also come useful if you use them wisely.

Pro Tip: Use a specific sequence of posting pictures to give it a more professional look. This will ensure organization on your feed, and secondly, it would be aesthetically pleasing.

2. Let your feed reciprocate the seasonal vibe

The idea behind this is to apply seasonal themes to your Instagram profile. This will show some seasonal spirit and well who doesn’t love a bit of pop?

For instance, Christmas is around the corner, this would be the best time to switch to colors and filters of red in your profile. Afterall, Santa Claus is on its way!

But yes, Christmas is not for you alone so all your competitors might be adopting similar kinds of strategies, understand that you cannot lose out on your originality. You can also switch to warm shades during summers, and likewise in winters. If your feed reciprocates the seasonal vibe, the strategy you have adopted to implement it becomes irrelevant.

Check out the Christmas season at Oreo:

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3. Post. Quality. Content.

The major population on Instagram ends up uploading any picture on their phone with a cliched quote as a caption. You can’t be one of them because if you wish to make your presence count, you need to make QUALITY decisions when it comes to content. From a quality camera to editing tools that you have to pay for, everything must be of prime quality. Trust me, in the end, the efforts will show.

4. Create content that engages your audience

Trends are changing and people’s interests are shifting towards local brands solely because of the engaging and quality content they post.

Likewise, your content also needs to be both: engaging and quality. They don’t certainly go hand in hand, you need to make efforts to make them join hands.

Illustrations, graphics, and captions are there for starters. But remember, you are here not to get lost in the crowd but to emerge as a leader. Thus, don’t stop your creative self and churn out never-seen-before ideas on your feed to get the followers you desires.

5. Make a wise choice of filters

‘Filters’ immediately transforms you to the zone of the dog filter on Snapchat that you send to your friends when you are bored. But that’s certainly not what your viewers are expecting from you. The idea behind using filters is to look different and exciting. Pick and apply filters that emphasize the vibe of the picture and don’t affect its quality either.

6. Create short videos that tell stories

For your Instagram profile, videos play a major role, and it is important you do justice to the same. Videos allow you to leverage the power of movie graphics and serves you the bandwidth to express.

It can be the behind the scenes of your startup, or #workdays of the factory. Anything that makes users connect with you on a deeper level is a win-win.

Nike has been one of the best when it comes to leveraging the power of Instagram videos.

Now that you know the six areas that need revisions on your Instagram profile, what’s the wait worth for?

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