5 Fun Outdoor Summer Activities for Small Groups

5 Outdoor Summer Activities Perfect for Small Gatherings

Summer is slipping past quickly, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the sunny days left. Although you can pass the time enjoyably with simple summer activities, you may be craving for some company. Experts advise that you are safer holding outdoor activities than you are with indoor gatherings. This means you can still have some fun under the summer sun with a few close friends.


What could be more relaxing than a picnic with your friends? Put your feet up on a bench while sipping a classic lemonade. Or indulge in a delightful and detoxifying activated charcoal ice cream while taking a photo for your Instagram page.

Many public parks and nature reserves that are starting to open, and you can enjoy the summer sun and the beauty of nature without much effort.

What you need to do: Prepare the food beforehand and put them in separate containers to make distancing easier. Remember to avoid food that spoil quickly without refrigeration, such as egg salad and tuna-based meals. Pack enough picnic blankets and utensils for each guest. When you get to the picnic location, set up your area to maintain social distancing but close enough to facilitate conversation.

Fishing Trips

The seas around coastal cities are teeming with delightful and delicious sea life. For example, Australians can enjoy sailing for kingfish in the Gold coast and American game fishermen can cast lines for Blue Marlins. Alternatively, lakes and rivers offer more serene fishing spots for less strenuous outings.

What you need to do: Make sure the fishing spot you plan on visiting has reopened for tourists and day-trippers. Remotely charter a boat or other watercraft to minimize contact. Assemble your gear beforehand, namely your array of hooks and lines. Fishing involves a small, confined space so make sure to pare down your guest list, ideally below six.

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America’s forests, parks, and grasslands are teeming with birds. Some of the most wondrous birds have truly inspiring plumage and delightful voices. You can foster a new appreciation for nature by taking up birdwatching.

What you need to do: Secure permission to enter the nature trails or reserves you plan on trekking during your birdwatching session. Secure a comprehensive guide to the birds in the region. The National Audubon Society publishes excellent guides in physical and digital formats. Finally, make sure you have the essential tools for birdwatching: binoculars and a notation pad for confirming sightings.


If the summer heat is too much for you to bear, you can still have fun in the cool summer nights. Stargazing allows you to appreciate the wonders of the cosmos without dealing with sweat and dust. If you choose the right time for it, you’ll be able to enjoy astounding meteor showers and lunar eclipses.

What you need to do: Consult astronomy calendars for events you’d like to observe with your friends. Look for an ideal location for stargazing, away from artificial light sources which can obscure your view of the heavens. Secure permission to go to this location after hours if needed. Prepare your telescopes and supplies like blankets in case it gets cold and food.

Outdoor Art Sessions

Why not explore your creative talents while taking in the beauty of nature and socializing at the same time? Natural vistas offer plenty of inspiration for budding artists and you and your friends may enjoy encouraging these artistic urges.

What you need to do: Select your ideal location by group consensus. Assemble art your chosen art materials and pack enough refreshments for every guest. Make sure to get to the chosen location early, so you can enjoy a greater degree of light for drawing or sketching.

Below are some basic safety guidelines you should follow when you’re planning to meet with a small group of friends.

General Safety Guidelines

Public health experts have been circulating general safety guidelines for the crisis in the past few months, but which of them are applicable in an outdoor gathering?

Here are the rules to remember and enforce if you want to keep yourself and your friends safe.

Gathering size: Expert data from different sources show that a gathering of less than 10 people carries the smallest possible risk in every scenario. Keep your guest list below this number for maximum safety.
• Face masks: It may be uncomfortable, but you should insist everyone involved wear face masks for the duration of the activity. Since you will be outdoors and sweating, carry extras to replace sodden face masks as needed.
Social distancing: Although chances of transmission are lower when you’re outdoors, you should still try to maintain a distance of 6 feet from each other whenever possible.
• Sanitation: Since you will be outdoors, the need for hand sanitation will be higher than ever. Each person should have a supply of water designated for handwashing as well as hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes for extra measure.

So long as you maintain safety guidelines and obey local ordinances, you can enjoy the summer weather and the beauty of the outdoors with your friends.

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