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4 Most Awaited Features in PUBG Mobile

Pubg Mobile, a multiplayer battle royale game is at boom since its release for mobile users in 2018. Pubg Mobile paved its way to the top in Asian Countries such as India, Indonesia, Thailand and China. In these countries, millions of players play this game on a daily basis.

In addition to gaming, the craze of Pubg helped several gaming YouTube streamers gain more subscribers, increase in the sales of Pubg Merchandise (skins on shirts with Pubg Wallpaper).


“Machine pistol with a full-auto mode.”

The Skorpion is a 1961 model submachine gun that you can use in Pubg. At that time, it was produced under the official name Samopal vzor 61. Its development started from 1961 to 1979 in Česká zbrojovka arms factory in Uherský Brod. Moreover, the PC version introduced this gun in the Test Server PC 1.0 with update #23.

When we talk about this gun, it is a full-sized machine pistol that can occupy the sidearm space. Moreover, it is an excellent gun then can kill your opponent when you fire the weapon in Auto Mode. One magazine in this gun can equip 20 bullets as standard at a time. Moreover, you can extend the size of the magazine up to 40 by attaching an extended mag with it. However, Skorpion gun takes some time in reloading the firearm as it is unable to connect Quickdraw mag or Extended Quickdraw Mag. So, after using this gun in Pubg PC, I would say that you can use Skorpion as a reliable pocket SMG in place of other weapon slots. Its damage power is 22, and you can use this gun in two firing modes- Single and Auto. Skorpion fires at your opponent using ammo of 9mm. Moreover, you can attach stock of micro UZI, grips, suppressor and extended mag of a Handgun. In the scope slot, you can equip Red Dot Sight and Laser Sight.


The G36C is an assault rifle gun that is only exclusive to Vikendi Map. G36C replaced the SCAR-L on that map in BATTLEGROUNDS.

Pubg introduced this weapon in the Test Server PC 1.0 update #24.

However, it makes up for what it lacks in DPS, with better control especially when engaging your enemies at short to medium range. Recently, Pubg Mobile released this gun in Pubg Beta Update (0.11.5). So, if you want to know more about latest Pubg Updates, than you can find it from here.

PP-19 Bizon

PP-19 Bison has its origin from its Eastern Europe. With the magazine capacity of 53 bullets, you can use this gun in full-auto as it is suited for close-range combat. You can kill your opponent quickly with full accuracy. Who needs an extended mag r any other attachment with a gun, when you can have 53 rounds in a single magazine? The best thing is that this gun does not have any recoil issue as PP-19 Bizon has high firing stability without using any grip. You fire at your opponent using bullets of 9mm which you can find everywhere in the Map.

Moreover, you can attach a muzzle and sight with this gun. This is the best and reliable weapon for short-range combat. In terms of sound, the Bizon is inaudible but a lethal 9mm submachine gun that comes with a bit of a kick. The damage rate of this gun is 35. Though it has low overall damage than UMP9 and Vector, its large magazine capacity and reduced sound covers this up for Bizon. You can use this gun for a sneak attack at your enemies in the final moments of the game. You can use 2x, 3x,4x, 6x scope, Canted sight and Holographic sight with this gun. For muzzle, you can use compensator, suppressor and flash hider of an SMG. One thing you should note that this gun is exclusive to Erangle and Vikendi Map.

Candit Sight

Since the release of Candit Sight, everyone has some questions about what is Candit Sight and how to use it. In this article, I will all our questions one-by-one.

What is a Canted Sight?

The Canted Sight is added in the upcoming patch 25 of Pubg. However, you can use it on the PUBG test-sever on your PC. It’s a weapon attachment that allows you to switch between two sights quickly. It can be either a scope or red-dot sight.

How to use a Canted Sight?

To begin using a canted sight, you have to find it first. You can use them anywhere on the map. After seeing it, you have to attach it on your weapon to the right of the scope/sight attachment slot.

Once you attached a Canted Sight to your weapon, all you need to do is use the default key binding.

Strategies you need with the Canted Sight?

You can use a Candid sight with your bolt-action Sniper Rifles such as M24 or AWM. Now, you will why not any other gun. Well, it’s evident that you can use the candit sight on any gun. However, I recommend you to use it with Sniper. The reason for this is you can switch between from a big 8x scope to some other scope or sight in the close combat. Moreover, by doing this, you might improve your quick-scoping skills.

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