Exercise by Rowing Machine

3 Best Exercise for Rowing Machine

Lifting weights and pulling the strings are not the only tactics that can make a difference in shaping your body but the most important is how you do that. Each fitness gadget has its own way to do exercise and among them, one is the Rowing machine.

When you give a glance at Rowing machine all to get is that pulling the string to get the pressure can shape your body but actually it’s not that easy. As the rowing machine is helping out almost all the muscles of the body but to keep the distance and weight you need to focus on certain muscles at the time. There is 3 best exercise that you can do to shape different muscles and to stay fit with outdoor or indoor rowing machine.

All you need is a simple guide that can help you to show how to do these exercises and this article will help you to do that.

Master Leg Isolation

The best exercise for stretching your legs while rowing or pulling the strings and this catch position is the most common exercise in a rowing machine. While holding the ergonomic rod from an upper position with hands and make the seat flexible while rowing then going forth and back is the master leg isolation.

At the start the knees should be bent, the seat should be close to your feet’s and not stretched and while rolling back to feel the pressure and cover the distance stretched the leg till they get straight. This Catch position will also help you to strengthen your legs, back, and thigh.

Remember never push with your arms as they also need to extend like your legs. Give a gentle push to your body with your legs and the rest will follow through. It’s important to exert force with your legs as what’s the point in leg isolation if you don’t exert force with your legs.

Add Arm Isolation

Stretching the legs is not the only exercise but you can also give a nice touch to your wings, arm, and shoulders with a rowing machine. This type of exercise will not be best for improving the shapes of your biceps and triceps but it will give a nice shape to your shoulder, wings and strengthens them.

To give an extra-muscular touch to your wing’s muscles, you need to stay stretched your legs with the paddle and pull back the string handle to get the pressure from the rowing machine. You don’t need to move your body and keep the body in a firm position and just pull the string towards yourself.

Put you back in a little inclined shape so that you can easily oar the handle and in that position the pulling would not be so harder and more it would also give a positive effect to your chest and wings to increase the muscular activity.

Rowing with form

There is little difference in leg isolation and Rowing with perfect form and that is the movement of your arms with handle. Everything remains the same as you have to exert force to push back your body with your legs and the bending of the knees is exactly like leg isolation.

Give a push with your legs and also stretch the rowing handle with your arms too. Unlike leg isolation, you don’t need to keep your arm in a straight position but here you need to stretch them at the end of the beam.

This kind of exercise is best for the whole body functioning and to stay fit for all day. The Rowing form will also give a good workout to your belly, chest muscles and keep your arms and thigh also in the good shape.


Overall the rowing machine is one the most usable fitness tools in both outdoor and indoor fitness gadgets and the best thing is rowing machine is not confined to just one type of muscles but if the focus of the displacement is all over the body.

There are other fitness gadgets that can really shape your body in a good and attractive manner. Choose which muscles need to shaped and go for that exercise at the end. It’s important to do exercise in the right way so that the workout you do can actually give fitness to you.

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