2021 Real Estate Apps Investors Need to Download

2021 Real Estate Apps Investors Need to Download

Despite the year that is 2020, the real estate industry remains an ever-competitive industry. It’s a New Year and if you want to gain an edge over your competitors, it’s best to have the right tools. Fortunately, all you need is your smartphone.

The best real estate investing apps enable sellers and buyers to be efficient in their trade. Thanks to mobile apps, you gain access to technological tools that provide real-time information, streamline processes and ensure maximum efficiency.

Other examples of how apps can be helpful in your transactions include:

Downloading the right tools is one of the dos of real estate investing. Whether you’re a first-time real estate investor or a seasoned veteran, download the following apps to simplify your investor life.


DiversyFund is a crowdfunded platform for real estate investors. Unlike most of the apps in the industry, DiversyFund owns and manages all of its properties.

If you’re an entry-level investor, download DiversyFund on your gadget. This app only requires a low-cost initial investment. Also, it doesn’t have management fees, allowing you to easily start as an entry-level, non-accredited real estate investor. The best part: the app has all the features of the website; no need to switch between two gadgets.

Start your DiversyFund journey by buying shares from the company’s DF Growth REIT, which is a non-listed real estate investment fund. If you’re uncomfortable with private REITs, don’t worry. DiversyFund’s REITs are registered and submitted a yearly audit with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.


If you want exposure to eREITs and real estate crowdfunding either as a non-accredited or an accredited investor, Fundrise is the only app you need. This real estate investing app offers an affordable investment account minimum ($500) with only 1 percent fees per year. Signing up is free and you can use the app to scan potential investment opportunities.

If you are a single-family home real estate investor, diversify your portfolio by investing in industrial real estate with Fundrise. Earn passive income by investing in commercial real estate.

Path by Origin Investments

Accredited investors looking for a trustworthy app can download Path by Origin Investments. The company’s private real funds provide users with low volatility, tax efficiency and diversification. The Path app screens and vets public REITs and selects those that meet the company’s investment criteria.

Path also enables you to leverage the expertise of real estate pros when creating a proactive portfolio. All you have to do is sign up by answering a few questions about your risk tolerance, net worth and personal information. Once you’re signed up, use the app to monitor your portfolio and track the changes in your balances. Use the app’s dashboard to explore more investment opportunities.

Landlord Studio

Automate your rentals by downloading Landlord Studio. This app enables users to automate important tasks. It can also secure cloud storage, set reminders, manage contractors and report financial statuses.

In terms of your accounting needs, Landlord Studio gives you all the tax-related information you need in a single platform:

Landlord Studio can also help you find the right tenants immediately.


ArborCrowd is the best app for multi-family real estate investors. This app specializes in multi-family investments and has previously invested in Miami, Florida and Brooklyn, New York. Its minimum investment may come at a steep price ($25,000) but it offers excellent underwriting processes, as well as a simple and accessible app platform.


Analyze real estate deals with DealCheck, a real estate app that helps you evaluate investment opportunities. It’s a one-stop platform that narrows down your investment choices by providing you with details about a potential property.

If you want to use DealCheck, run an analysis by yourself then use the app to analyze your property through a different lens.


With Auction.com’s app, you can find more real estate investment opportunities to earn. The website itself is the best place to search for bank-owned and foreclosed properties. You can see snapshots of foreclosed properties above when you use the website version of the app. The app, on the other hand, will help you find properties on the go. You can also turn on notifications to receive notifications of new listings and auctions.

These real estate investment apps can help you save more money and time. You’re not obligated to use all of them, but downloading an app or two can help simplify your real estate life.

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