The Best Ways to Promote Your Business in 2021

2021 is Here: How’s Your Business Promotion Going So Far?

2020 emphasized the importance of going digital with your marketing. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are forced to stay at home. Apart from working or studying at home, many people also do their shopping at home via the Internet.

If you’re not marketing your business online, no one is going to find you. Whether you’re selling simple products like kid’s toys or groceries or complex items for manufacturers like commercial hermetic reciprocating compressors, you need to harness the marketing abilities of the internet to boost sales.

There are many ways to promote your business online, whether you have a limited budget, no budget or some wiggle room. The most common ways include:

Search Engines (Google)

Capturing 92 percent of the market share, Google is one of the best ways to put your business in front of customers who are actively searching for solutions.

First, create and verify your Google Business Profile (aka listings on Google). This profile allows your business to show up in Google Map results and the right-side Knowledge Panel in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Since Google is getting better at catering its results to a user’s location, prioritize being on these free listings.

Second, get a website. Every business should have one, no matter what your products or services are. Even if customers find you on Google or social media, they would want to see your website. Like your Google listing, it promotes your business 24/7.

A good website isn’t just another promotional tool. It also tells the story of your business, as well as explains your offers, provides contact information and reflects your business’s personality.

Third, a website alone is not enough. Make sure people find you by implementing search engine optimization (SEO). SEO aligns your business with Google’s ranking algorithm. When you invest in SEO, you’re optimizing for both search engines and the searchers, particularly those who have your products and services in mind.

SEO practices that promote your business include:

And fourth, create a business blog. Content is a crucial driver of SEO. Instead of making a simple LiveJournal blog, create posts about events and milestones. Keep your users in mind by starting a lucrative business blog that produces educational content, with topics that include commonly asked questions by your ideal customers.

Online Directories

Customers routinely visit online directories to look for businesses that suit their needs. These have high traffic with high domain authority, so it’s common for your business’s profile page to appear on the first page of the SERPs.

Create listings on all the major directories.

Below is a list you can start with. All of them are free but have paid options if you want more features:

Also, optimize your listings. Fill out every field in your profile, collect reviews and add photos. By doing so, you can improve the appeal of your business and rank better in the SERPs.

Social Media

Social media is more than a hub to share thoughts, feelings or even Wednesday Addams quotes. It is another free way to get the word out about your business. The most popular business accounts are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram but make sure you’re also using websites that cater to your specific niches, like Reddit or Pinterest.

Facebook is the biggest out of all the platforms, so prioritize it if it’s relevant to your market. It offers many opportunities to keep in touch with your current customer base, as well as to reach new ones. Promoting your business on Facebook varies according to your industry, but here are some basics:

If you’re considering video marketing, market your business using YouTube. This video-sharing platform offers more ways to connect with your clients through engaging video content. Put together a quick overview video of your business and upload it to YouTube. Share this video on your website’s homepage or circulate it in emails or social media platforms.

This 2021, promoting your business online is still a must, especially when you want more people to find you. Fortunately, the internet offers plenty of options when it comes to promoting your business online, no matter your budget.

Make 2021 a booming year for your business with the right marketing tools today.

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