17 Small Business Ideas You Can Start On Instagram

17 Small Business Ideas You Can Start On Instagram

Instagram is evolving and expanding constantly and it is not just a visual platform anymore. It has emerged as a hub for businesses and a marketing tool for brands. Instagram is now a source of inspiration, influence, and motivation for millions of its loyal users.

If you have an entrepreneur inside waiting to be unleashed, free Instagram followers, Instagram can provide you the opportunity to start small and go big. With some talent and hard work, you can use Insta. to start your own business. Let’s have a look at the list of 17 business ideas you can start on Instagram today.

17 Small Business Ideas You Can Start On Instagram:

1) Instagram Influencer

Instagram Influencers have the power of persuasion by their established credibility and followership. Anything they touch can turn to gold; any product/trend they promote can skyrocket. To become an influencer, you might need some time but once you manage to be one you can earn a lot.

2) Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketers can earn commission on products by sharing them and posting about them. You can share these links on your Instagram page to promote sales of brands and companies through e-commerce.

3) Product Reviewer

Online product reviewers can earn huge followership through product unboxing and review videos. People are largely interested in review posts of specific products so they can know more about it before actually buying them.

4) Event Photographer

Instagram is a fantastic platform for anyone associated with photos and pictures. If you have any skills with photography you can advertise them and boost your business through your very own business account by sharing the events you captured with your lens.

5) Product Photographer

Online shopping brands are always in need of product photographers. If you are good at the art of showcasing a product in an interesting way, you can share them on your Insta account and just wait to get more projects.

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6) Travel Blogger

For travelers and tourists, Insta can become a live travel blog and can let you earn money by collaborating with other travel agencies. People planning their vacations, honeymoons, and visits, take inspiration from Travel Bloggers.

7) Food Channel

If you love to cook, eat, or dine; you can earn money by posting about pictures of the food and reviewing restaurants and eateries. You can also post nutritional values and other information about them to increase engagement.

8) Pet Personality

Pets and their Insta accounts are earning huge from posting about their daily life and moments of cuteness. Grumpy cat was one of the most successful pet accounts to gain popularity.

9) ‘Memer’

If you have a strong meme game and a sense of humor, you can earn money by making memes for companies and brands. You can make your meme store and show some of your work as an advertisement for your talent.

10) Fitness Guru

If you are blessed with a great body and love fitness, the justify way for you to go forward is by making fitness tips and tricks account. Your coaching and workout post and videos can earn you more than you expect. You can do training services and also become the ambassador of fitness companies.

11) Clothing Line

T-shirts and designer ware displayed on your Insta account can attract business as well as sales form followers. You can make customized clothing with prints and patterns on order as well.

12) DIY Professional

‘Do It Yourself’ videos can attract likes and shares at a rapid pace. Learning new techniques for building small projects at home is gaining popularity among Instagrammers. You can work with sponsors to do targeted videos and posts and earn money.

13) Shout-out Seller

Shout out sellers can do business on Insta by introducing brands, products, pages, and people to their followers. To become one you have to first build followership in a niche of your choice.

14) Graphics and Photo Editing

Instagram content quality requires graphical and photo editing work. You can convert your hobby into a small business for your Instagram clients. You can get projects from Instagram for Instagram.

15) FreeLancer

You can convert your writing, editing, and proofreading skills into a small business on Instagram by showcasing them on your account. If you are skillful enough Instagram can help you get worthy clients.

16) Sell Art

If you are a collector/maker of art and appreciate sculptures and paintings, you can post your collection and find potential buyers for your online art gallery. You can also post links of eBay with your posts to direct traffic for shoppers.

17) Insta Car Dealer

You can transform your Instagram account into an online car dealership. Instagram can publicize your cars and can help you find appropriate buyers, that too from your nearby areas using Instagram location feature.

These 17 small business ideas can help you start your gig with a small initial investment. You can generate a passive income in the beginning, plus these ideas have the potential to grow in commercial-scale businesses. Many of these ideas have been used by ordinary Insta users like you who are now earning a lot more than day jobs.

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