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11 Best Successful Freelancing Sites of 2019

A lot’s of people in the world these days have started moving away from regular paying 9-5 jobs. Mainly because there are many other options which pay well without working for long hours daily.

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Let me guide you according to my own experience in the industry!

How Does Freelance Website Work for Seeker?

  • Create your portfolio to showcase your skills and experience.
  • The website suggests you with relevant freelancing jobs around you.
  • Easy to use job cards with swipe feature.
  • See real-time status for all job.
  • In-app chat to talk to employers.

How Does Freelance Website Work for an Employer?

  • Post your job requirements in a few easy steps.
  • Website will notify best freelancers around you.
  • You can see freelancers who applied for a job.
  • You can check their portfolio details & Check Common Connections.
  • Easy to use freelancers profile with swipe feature.
  • Simplified shortlisting and hiring.
  • In-app chat to talk to freelancers.

You can follow the following steps:

1) Sign up and Login to:

2) Find projects you want to work on.

3) Fill your expert skills

4) Set your Hourly Rate

5) Now Bid on projects based on your skills.

6) You can give various skill tests by paying fees too show your skills on the particular software to increase your chances of getting hired.

If you want to hire people then you can also do it using freelancer. Learn more 7 trending Affordable Business Ideas from freelancing websites and start own business easily from home.


Freelancing Website will help to create a new market for lower budget projects and skill person to make some amount of money easily online. The Benefits of Working With a Freelance website like less overhead costs, Consistency, Time-saving, Quality and moving faster work easily. Freelancers tend to own a lot of flexibility and management over UN agency they work with and the way a lot of they earn, however it still stings to not be offered medical and dental advantages, paid break day, and pension plan choices. nonetheless and still, you’ll be able to work to make your own advantages package to produce some relief.

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