10 Best Business Conferences And Events In The World

10 Best Business Conferences And Events In The World

Being on-trend is one of the best ways you can make a name for your business. Staying up-to-date with these trends and coming up with exclusive, innovative options for your clients will keep your business at the top of their list and their number one go-to option.

To make this possible, make it a point to attend conferences and events. Aside from keeping you in the loop with trends, attending conferences and events also makes you learn more about your company’s industry and meet potential business partners.

All these boil down to your primary business goal, which is to provide your clients with the best customer relationship management approach that would satisfy their needs. Having a good list of conferences about CRM is essential in a business as it is akin to a steering wheel—one wrong turn, and it changes everything.

Below are the ten best conferences and events worldwide that you should not miss to attend:

1. Washington International Strategic Leadership Conference

Golden Center for Research and Innovation (GoldenCRI) undertakes conferences on strategic management, such as the Strategic Leadership Conference in Washington. Attendees for these conferences should normally have knowledge in either private, public, pseudo-profit, governmental, non-governmental, or educational institutions.

Essentially, US-based academics and high-level financial experts conduct the conventions. The conference’s main objective is to develop a better awareness of ethical standards and ethical governance among specific schools of thought. Lectures will be on accounting principles, business ethics in general, and moral management.

2. The Franchise Expo

If you are into franchising and expanding your business, another conference that you should not miss is The Franchise Expo in Toronto. This expo introduces a vast array of franchise possibilities with Canada’s most well-known companies. The resource persons of this expo are industry experts who would extensively discuss the ways and means of franchising, and explain the opportunities of this sector.

Topics involve, among other things, franchising, legal concerns when purchasing a business, and negotiating leases. The Franchise Expo would be a great platform for discussions with high-end representatives of the Canadian business market.

3. Toy Fair

If your business is in the toys and gaming niche, the Toy Fair can be a good conference to attend. Held in New York, the newest toys, games, activities and seasonal products are showcased in this event. It creates avenues for business owners to meet the enterprises behind both international and local toy companies. The show is attended mainly by retailers, as well as inventors to present their offerings to a variety of clients in the game and toy industry.

4. The Property Investor Show

If you are into real estate, then the Property Investor Show would be the perfect one for you. The show brings a wide selection of amazing arrangements accessible on the market today, both in the UK and internationally. Many of these chances are “unadvertised exclusives,” which are particularly reserved for the attendees of this event by presenting companies.

Obviously, there will also be ancillary programs including tax planning, insurance, and legal advice, as well as the number of companies providing passive and “armchair” investing options.

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5. Shanghai APPPEXPO

Are you into digital marketing and advertising? Look no further than the Shanghai APPPEXPO, which offers one-stop services, especially for marketing and signage businesses. These include inkjet printing, slicing, gravure, and screen to monitor approaches. It also produces a tailored design through channels for technology. This opens the door for the marketing and sign sector’s upstream and downstream partnerships, shaping a working system from the idea of creativity, creative design, to the delivery of content.

6. International Conference on Research in Business, Management, and Finance

If you want broader and more generalized insights about handling business, then you should give the International Conference on Research in Business, Management, and Finance a try. This conference tackles financial management, economics, research, and accounting.

The program brings together leading thinkers and top academic researchers from all across the globe to demonstrate the current trends, pressing issues and new methodologies in doing business.

7. Small Business Expo

If you’re considering a small start-up with a limited budget, the Small Business Expo 2020-Philadelphia can help you through. The expo is a great product or service exhibition and convention dedicated to supporting small companies to conduct their business. It is also a show where products and services are displayed in areas such as software, finance, breakroom equipment, insurance, company consulting, etc.

The conference brings in scores of business owners and managers, as well as decision-makers, who would like to foster new business connections, search for unique goods and services, and participate in lectures.

8. Canadian Conference And Deal Making

The Canadian Conference and Deal Making offer training, collaboration and deal-making for closers, brokers, and dealers. The two- to three-day national conferences offer opportunities to practice and solve the most up-to-date concerns in the business sector and to interact and discuss with company partners in the same region.

If you attend this conference, be prepared to be programmed based on current retail resurgence and developments in the market, along with plans for your company to expand. Here, you can gain feedback at training sessions, learn from market experts, and discover business growth prospects on the showroom floor.

9. The Business Startup Show

Having operated for 17 years, The Business Startup Show is considered one of the leading trade shows ideal for business owners who have products or services they want to showcase. The event is an innovative mix of highly esteemed guests, interactive content, and industry leaders, with the primary goal of drawing 25,000 or more companies to join the two-day conference. If you want to grow and develop your business, this is an event you shouldn’t miss.

10. Geneva Summit for Human Rights And Democracy

This summit is held annually and brings together thousands of human rights advocates, journalists, student groups, and more. It is funded by 25 civil rights organizations, and for 2020, the theme of the convention happens to be “A Voice for the Voiceless,” and registration is already available.

While human rights and business might not seem connected, as a business owner or entrepreneur, you must keep in mind that any type of business involves people. Thus, knowledge of fundamental human rights, policies, laws, and guidelines would be beneficial.


Businesses nowadays have been sprouting like mushrooms after a fortnight of rain. Small-scale or large enterprises alike, entrepreneurs and business owners are continually seeking ways and means on how to generate more sales, which, in turn, will make higher profits for them.

One way of doing that, amongst the many other productive ways of growing your business, is by attending conferences and events. Doing so provides business owners and entrepreneurs an avenue to learn new trends on the market, products and services, technologies, and the like. These learnings are not only beneficial to their business but, at the same time, adds dynamics and skills as to how companies can be upscaled.

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